Battery life calculator


The life of a battery can be calculated entering the capacity and current consumption. If current consumption is unknown, but we know power and voltage, press the on the calculator button.

Available capacity:
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Life: Hours


The calculation of amper·hour is done simply multiplying the number of amperes (A) by the number of hours and the result is the battery capacity. So, if we know the number of amper.hour (A·h) available in a battery (e.g. 2 A·h) and we also know the current that will be drawn (e.g. 0.1A), to know the number of hours we just divide the value of amper·hour by the current value, and we would get a theoretical value of the battery life (in our example 2 / 0.1 = 20 hours). This is the value that this calculator will show. However, remember that this is a theoretical value that can be used as an estimation only. The reason why this is not so simple is that the capacity (A·h or mA·h), depends on the velocity at witch the battery is being discharged. The faster the discharge, the lower amper·h it will produce. The best advice to follow would be the read the battery specifications, that probably will show information for different discharge times.